I'm thrilled to announce the birth of 


Write Your Poetry Out : A 6 weeks community program to Free your own Poet Word




The workshop is based on the key fundamentals:

Creativity is a gift we all have : it is an energy that we must practise to allow

Writing is a pathway connecting us both deeper within & to the collective

Creativity is a part of our healing

Finding our power is finding our authentic self, and finding our authentic self is finding our voice

We all have a portal within ourselves that's the key to our creative freedom

Creativity is a way of life that we can learn to practise

Anyone has the inner magic to become a poet!




-> We will connect every Wednesday during 6 weeks starting May 5th (magical 5/5!) 


You will during this writer's program:


* Join a writers community: our community will be gathered via a private facebook group


* Free your creativity & release writer's blocks

We will learn how to connect to our inner creative portal & unlock our full creative potential

We will learn breathing, grounding & Nature techniques that will support you in your creative endeavours now & in the future

We will learn to open our channels and write from the heart & soul

We will learn how to tap into creativity almost anytime : it is an energy

We will tap into our own innate gift: the gift of free & liberated expression - uncensored

We will discover that creation is always available: we must learn to allow it, become the vessel of our own hearts & souls to the outter world.


* Dive deeper into your own healing

Writing is not only an art, or a practise. It is a healing tool. In truth, writing has been at the core of my own healing like no other thing. Allowing emotions, especially what’s heavy, out on & through the paper has been (and still is!) at the center of my healing practises. 

We will learn how to heal & release through writing 

We will learn to accept all parts of our writing: the sad, the joyful, the nostalgic, ... and therefore tap into a higher level of self-love in our lives

We will through our writing release more of emotional material & trapped emotions that are still within our bodies and hearts

We will heal deeper layers of our psyche by allowing more emotions & memories out.


* &.... Contribute to a Poetry co-creative project based on the favourite poems we'll write through the program !



Tangibly you'll receive:

Weekly video-calls (1h30) where you'll learn techniques & practise prompts (about the seasons, the key instants of your lives, the key figures of your journey including past and present lovers...). Calls will be recorded so if you can't attend, you can attend!

A private FB group just for our community: Tips + homework (for those who can!) + sharing your poetry creations + connection/support/community

Access to Sophie for support / advice (during our workshop, and forever!)

We will create together the e-book of your favourite poetry creations - perhaps called : "When The Poetess Blooms"...



The total fee is of 222€. 

Two payment options: 

- One payment (full 222€)

- Two payments of 111€ (first half when enroling - second half on June 1st)

To enroll please go to the payment options or write me via the contact page!




I can't wait to co-create with you!