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Sophie Gregoire is a Writer, Author, Reader, Astrologer, Certified Numerologist (IPHM) and Reiki Master Teacher.

Her passion is to help others tap into their highest potential & embody their greatest, most fulfilled and empowered selves in the world. She likes to reveal one’s authentic self and inner spark.

Sophie has herself embraced the journey of freedom and truth by leaving the jobs, places, relationships, conditioning and stories that were defining her before the age of 28 - to fully reinvent herself, freely, from soul and out-of-the-box.

Sophie decided to take the wanderer path and benefited from many worldwide explorations to feed her free-spirited self and enrich her understanding of herself and of the human kind. She is passionate about writing and communicating, hoping that she can serve by sharing what she has discovered through her inner and outer explorations.

Sophie is certified as a Reiki Master & Master Teacher and has been trained in the field of Trauma Recovery. She attended the ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) training offering a dive into Sacred Sexuality as a tool for transformation of deeper wounds and healing. Sophie is certified as a Numerology Consultant (IPHM).


Sophie also uses her intuitive, oracle and clairvoyant abilities to help her clients tap into their highest potentials. She has dived into Astrology since a very young age and offers birth chart analysis including traditional astrology, the wisdom of the North Nodes, of Pluto and of the karma that we bring into this lifetime. She has learned from the approaches of Sue Tompkins, Steven Forrest, Mark Jones and Judy Hall. Sophie is currently having her astrology skills validated and certified by a French institution.

Her first book She Is The Moon is a collection of poems and short reflections. It was released in October 2019. 


Sophie started her journey with a MBA and a Master degree in Anthropology. 

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Angkor, Cambodia
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Munnar, Kerala, India
St Malo, France
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Essaouira, Morocco
Angkor, Cambodia
Hades Valley, Morocco
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