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Join a game-changer 5-week program

Bring an ancient sacred art in your daily life & practise

Starts July 15th

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When your thinking mind goes quiet & your expansive spirit mind opens


I have practised automatic writing -without even knowing it in the first place-  for years. This has been a game-changer on my own path. 


Automatic writing is not "writing" -- but allowing what's within to flow out. 


Automatic writing is a practise allowing us to shift from the thinking mind -- to the expansive spirit one. 


It is both a tool for self-discovery and for healing. It will help you both get clarity/information on your next steps as well as align deeper with your own unique higher self's path. 


Automatic writing is an ancient art, that one can use as a regular practise of their everyday life. 

Automatic writing helps hear our inner voice of wisdom in an easier/more regular way & strengthen our inner guidance GPS system.


I will be opening a sacred container to tap into this energy on July 15th. The container will be of 5 weeks and will allow both to discover & practise automatic writing as well as meditations/tools/rituals helping connect to that space.


“Real guts are nothing more than developing your inner voice to the point where it is louder and stronger than the voice of your fear.” – Georgette Mosbacher


The container is for writers, and non-writers. In fact automatic writing uses another part of the brain, disconnected from the intellectual/mind writing that we know about -- and "writers" will not be "better" at it than others. 

The course will allow significantly develop your relationship with your intuition -- and this doesn't need years of practise to change.


The container is for beginners and non-beginners. It will help tap into the art, or it will strengthen the inner guidance system muscle. 


The container is of 5 weeks, but long-lasting change is to be expected from attending the course.


“Your mind knows only some things. Your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything. If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path.” – Henry Winkler


Learn how to use automatic writing to gain clarity on your life, purge negativity & for self-discovery

Hear your inner voice of wisdom more & make this a practise in your daily life

Strenghten your inner guidance system muscle

Discover the creative flowing magic that's within you even if you don't see yourself as a writer - especially if you don't!


> 5 weekly calls (1h30) on Thursday

> FB group community to share and connect

> Practises, tips & meditations to start or grow your automatic writing practise

> Access to Sophie during the course & later on for any questions

The start of a long term process - You will tap into & practise the ancient art of automatic writing, and the technique will stay with you. 

“When we hear our inner voice and follow it, we can walk our own path.” – Ilchi Lee


  • "Writers" and "non-writers"

  • Magicians & people not believing in the Universe or in God

  • Those seeking to highly deepen their connection with their inner guidance system & higher self

  • Those wanting to commit to taking a new journey within & grow / evolve through it

  • Those desiring to bring a game changing practise to their lives

  • The creators, artists, and those believing in the power of words to heal


Course fee: 255€. 

Non-fee payment plans available (see below).

To join, please use the boxes below or send a message to 

Enrolment open until July 11th. 

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