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Natal Chart Reading


Astro & Numerology Reading


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Guidance Session


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"As a gift to myself this holiday, I booked a full Astrological/Numerology Natal Chart reading with the highly gifted Sophie. It was an almost 2 hour recorded session that I will continuously be able to reference time and again. She was able to offer much clarity about my current path, obtainment of my future highest self and how certain past lives have carved out ways of my current being. What I value most about this experience is that since the reading my perceptions are becoming more clear, with an omniscient feel to them, while my intuition has heightened through her confirmations of my natural abilities in regards to all things Occult. Now all I want to do is explore more of these gifts within myself to perhaps one day offer healings of my own to others. Thank you Sophie for lighting the way during these times and for the gift of you."


—  Shelly, San Diego

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