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Let's create your most soul-aligned & empowered life together

Within each person are hidden gems & glories - waiting to be discovered, and remembered, and retrieved.

I help you tune into your own greatness. I offer the space where you can remember & allow WHO YOU TRULY ARE to fully blossom.


I offer the container where you can retrieve your own energetic blueprint.

I believe in one simple fact : as WITHIN, so without. Everything is energy. By shifting your own mindset, patterns and daily routine -- you have the POWER to transform your external reality. 

My mission is to help you "vibrationally" align with the inner power, joy and sovereignty that awaits within you & that you came here to embody.


I believe in your ability to fully reclaim your life as SACRED.

This includes remembering your soul purpose, following your passions, greatest visions and dreams as well as attracting the highest frequencies in the different areas of your life.

Purpose, Relationships, Success are for me the different facets of the same coin - of you reclaiming full energetic MASTERY in your life. 

My passion is to provide you with the tools for an accelerated SOUL-ALIGNMENT & EMBODIMENT.


Working with me may help you transform ancestral or childhood trauma & finally close outgrown chapters of your life. It may help you heal your attachments patterns & allow the necessary changes to take place within you to call in your sacred partner.


I may support you in allowing your deepest dreams, visions and desires guide you into manifesting so many changes in your reality.

Your path is unique. Your gifts are unique. This is where your power resides. 

We are all MANIFESTORS. You also are.

Are you ready? 

What people say about their work

with Sophie

Coaching: Témoignages

"I was riding life nicely (or so I thought)  and then I kept having a niggling feeling to connect with Sophie. I ignored it. Several times.  I finally booked a session without knowing why. And then … *Eruption. Explosions. Crash. Burn* And there was Sophie at the most perfect timing!
I didn’t realise how much of my power I gave away until Sophie reminded me through her loving, non-judgemental, compassionate and practical sessions. When my perspective became narrow and I was still clinging to outdated ways, Sophie's presence, creativity, deep insights, gifts, and words helped me to dive back into my own power and move forward.  After a number of sessions with Sophie, I have grown so much by her beautiful reflection. Truly Grateful. If you cross paths with Sophie anywhere, consider yourself blessed. Greatest thank you and love, Sophie"

Nina, Sydney

"Sophie is divinely guided, honest and intuitive. A Light bearer and a remarkable woman! Namaste"

Rachel, NYC

"I've been following Sophie's writing online for a few years now, and she always seemed to write the exact thing I needed to hear at that right moment. Her writing always hit me right at my core each and every time. Elizabeth Gilbert is the only other person who I can say the same about. When I heard she was holding sessions, I jumped at the chance. Sophie was able to tap into my essence. She asked questions that helped me think through what it was I really wanted to get out of the session, cleared any negative energy and read my path in a way I could feel felt right. That weekend, it was as if the energy was parting for me and everything flowed again. I can't explain it any other way. I felt at ease and calm for the weeks that followed."

Meghan, California

"Sophie has a gift of creating and holding safe and sacred space where one can easily access the parts of oneself that’ve previously been hidden or denied. In our session, her loving presence called forth my true essence and I could easily connect my inner guidance. With precise intuition she guided me to the areas in my field and my life that were calling for my attention.
Our session helped me clear blocks around my authentic expression so I could connect more deeply to my authentic voice, the voice of my heart-womb. I left our session feeling lighter, brighter and with an increased sense of trust to live the life I came here for." 

Tessa, Bali

"My session with Sophie was so amazing, it’s almost impossible to put into words. She was able to give me much clarity on some of the biggest struggles of my life. I felt overwhelmed with love and peace during and after our session. I had cleansing tears running down my face during our session and have broken out in tears of joy many times since. Sophie gave me much hope for my future and was able to help me strengthen my own intuition. She is a wonderful listener with a beautiful, kind, and authentic spirit who was a pleasure to connect with. Afterwards we did an energy cleansing and I could immediately tell a difference. I look forward to connecting with Sophie again and would highly recommend her services to anyone who is seeking light and truth on their spiritual journey!"

Jennifer, Oklahoma, USA

"My session with Sophie was so incredibly POWERFUL. It was full of insight, confirmation and was exactly what I needed to finally bust through my fears. Sophie is an incredibly intuitive and gifted woman, I was moved to tears listening to her as everything resonated so deeply. Thank you Sophie for doing the amazing work that you do, it has helped me to step up, to be seen, and to be heard. Thank you!"

Megan, Albury, Australia

"My work with Sophie has been very rewarding . She creates a safe loving environment for one to open up and freely express yourself from the heart. I have found that I am able to trust myself more after our sessions and take our lessons into my daily life where I can act with more discernment and feel with greater authenticity. Sophie is a true healer."

Patti, California

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