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1:1 Catalystic Coaching

One hour session (video call)

  • 1 h
  • 90 euros
  • Location 1

Service Description

Our intention is to open the gateways for transformation & generally upgrade your current experience of life.  1:1 sessions are a great opportunity to have a global vision of where you are at, what are the main blocks or leverages for more fulfilment in your life.   Intuitive abilities may be used to bring clarity & connect with your highest trajectory. Short energy clearings/healings may be facilitated during sessions. Sessions are of one hour, take place via Zoom (video) and are recorded. On demand, sessions will be focused on  --> Your Soul Purpose only :  * Reconnect your being to its deepest & most authentic self, where the core of your unique medicine to the world resides   * Allow your unique gifts to be fully expressed, recognized and owned * Identify ways to land your soul mission in the very physical & integrate this part of your life, work through any transition that you may feel called to take   * Define ways to sustain & grow your soul work --> Your Romantic Life, your current relationship or attachment patterns. Our main intention will be to allow your energy to become the perfect match of what you are actually looking for. * Receive all the pieces of your current situation & your possible desires to enhance it or evolve * Identify your relationships patterns & potentials blocks from manifesting your highest desires   * Reconnect your current experience with past ones -- would it be previous relationships, childhood or karma inherited from previous lifetimes, & rewire your system from there

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