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Numerology Course

4 lessons to learn the metaphysical art of numerology

group format / one-to-one format available

Use the secret meaning of numbers to reveal your soul blueprint & decode the world around you

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Numerology is a simple ancient system in which your date of birth & name put together reveal the blueprint of your life.


Numerology will enable you to understand your soul potential, your gifts & how these combine into creating the unique blend of energies and talents that is you. 

Numerology will help you understand yourself better but also make wise decisions in many areas of your life (relationships, career, street numbers...).


Each of us is characterized by 6 Key Numbers which describe in a simple, direct and reliable manner the main vibrations and gifts they may have -- but also how they mostly interact with the world. Numerology also reveals in a straightforward way the main cycles/phases of our lives -- or even the energy we may feel called to develop more as we mature. 


Through defining those Key Numbers, the Numerologist also connects with an individual's different facets... and how they may differ & reconcile. For instance, the vibration of what "drives you at a soul level" may be different from the way your "personality self" shows up externally!


This ancient technique helps tapping into the energetic imprint of individuals, but also of places, pets, ...

It will enable understanding yourself so much deeper but also individuals around you through simple calculations. 


Using numbers will also help you discover the vibration of a given year, month or day of your life based on your date of birth -- therefore allowing you to make the most of their energy.


You will be able to apply the knowledge of numerology in several (maybe all!) areas of your life & find deeper meaning in the choices and paths that are available to you. 


in this course You will learn :

  • to calculate and interpret the 6 key numbers that we all have as individuals & caracterize our personality: 

The Life Path Number

The Destiny Number

The Soul's Urge Number

The Personality Number

The Birthday Number

the maturity number

  • To define the cycles of your life which describe the major themes & tendencies of your life's different phases

  • TO discover the meaning of your personal year, month & day

in fact, each of our years, months & days embody a different frequency. Numerology shows it! This helps us make the most of the distinct vibration that are organically offered to us. 

  • to make well-considered decisions in your life based on the numerology frequency of the situation (relationships, career, street numbers...)

  • to Use numerology as a self-tool or help and empower others with it!

  • To create bridges between numerology & other spiritual techniques, such as astrology & tarot...

Numerology & Astrology both study the vibrations of main spiritual clues (numbers, planetary energies...). We will dive in the connection between both disciplines - for instance Gemini's energy is highly connected to the number 3 - which reinforces the part of "communication, self-expression, creativity..." energies in the lives of the beings showing both a major imprint of the 3 and of Gemini in their chart. 

Similarly, the secret meaning of Tarot is connected to numbers! For instance, the "karmic debts" numbers such as 12/3, 14/5, 16/7 and 19/1 are highly connected to the Tarot cards of the Major Arcana that carry the same number...

and much more!

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Are you Ready to Use the Secret Meanings of Numbers to Discover Your Traits & Soul Purpose to a Deeper Degree?

Are You Ready to Discover Your Life Cycles & the Energy of the Major Phases of your Life?

Are you Ready to Make the Most of the Magic of Numbers to Make Powerful Decisions in Many Areas of Your Life? 

Are you Ready to See a Deeper Meaning in Most of your Daily Life & Relationships with Others?


format of the Course:

  • Teachings will be offered during 5 live lessons on Zoom (video calls - 1h30 format) where you will learn and get all the necessary material to practise Numerology.

Dates of the lessons: September 29th, October 13th, October 27th, November 10th, November 24th. 

  • At the end of our class, you will receive a book containing the summary of the different classes - "The Numerology Essentials" (a synthesis of the content seen in class with additional focuses). 


Certification will be offered upon request : a practical examination will be offered and certification given upon validation of 80% of the test. 

Certification is not obligatory -- you can absolutely take the class without asking for the certification process at the end. 

Course syllabus 

Week 1: Introduction (history & symbols) + how numerology can help you?+ The 6 essential numbers 

Week 2: The 6 Essential Numbers - Focus on the Life Path Number + destiny number

Week 3: Seeing Your Path from a Higher VIew - Cycles & Planning the Future

Week 4: Using Numbers in Relationships, Career & More + Bringing Metaphysics Together - Numerology & Astrology


Course cost: 333€ (payable in 1 or 2 instalments). 

Certification: additional cost of 40€. 

What Students of Former Classes Say: 

"I was blessed to participate in Sophie's automatic writing course. The inspiration from this course gave me the motivation to finish a book i had written to get it ready to send to piblishing companies. I also gained valuable skills on writing automatically from the voice of my soul rather than from my mind. Sophie is highly gifted in acting as a guide, a channeller, and an interpreter of energy. Her presence is soft, knowing, wise, sensitive, gentle and she is gifted with word magic from the divine. Any work you do with her will be of value. Thank you Sophie for the work you do on planet earth, helping to raise the consciousness of our planet, and being a guide back to the light. Your radiance helps others find their way back home." - Holly S.

"I have come away from Sophie‘s two courses with a volume of work to publish and the long-awaited ability to tune into my own guidance! I am utterly grateful for these divinely timed and significant gifts in my life. Sophie shares the depth and magnitude of her wisdom and channelling with such generosity, support and love. It’s a blessing to be able to be guided and learn from her on this unfolding path of life. I am feeling healed by her presence and have a great respect for her work." - Alice B. 

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