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Healing Your Relationships

High Transformation Container For Women

I'm starting this September a high value & intimate woman mastermind, for the women who want to attract in their lives the committed and healthy relationship they have been dreaming of. 


Enrollment is now to August 31th. The mastermind will start in September. I want us to be maximum 7 in order to keep the container intimate, supportive and vulnerable. Growth happens when we can fully be ourselves, share, fully express and fully be. 









Why joining? 

- You have been in several relationships, short or long. They haven't "worked out". Yet you still don't fully see what this isn't working for you.


- You have gone on many dates but it never moves past the early stages - if you like him, he may go away or change "energy", even disappear


- The "good", healthy, stable men seem "boring" to you or not interesting enough. They lack chemistry. You are constantly drawn to the "bad boys" only, yet a kind of them who can't commit


- You want true, committed, healthy love -- a sacred container that's aligned emotionally, physically, intellectually, on life projects... all of it! You are ready to do the work that the relationship will cause & to use love as an opportunity to work on yourself 


- You tend to never find the right "sacred masculine" polarity, but to over do your own masculine in relationships. You tend to embody the masculine with men, pursuing too hard, trying too hard, working too hard on it


- You seem to miss red flags at early stages


- It is hard for you to communicate your boundaries and needs to men. You are scared of losing them or "being too much"


- You keep attracting men that are not a true and long-lasting match to you

- You are tired of overthinking, if maybe you did something wrong - of thinking that you are always the one to blame.

- You may rush things, without truly taking your time, and perhaps going too fast into emotional vulnerabilty or sexual intimacy too soon, and later on, your regret not listening to your inner voice

- You feel you have been attracting "unavailable" men a lot, different forms of unavailability, or that you are always outting in all the effort

- You are now ready for a RESET, a big SHIFT.




Feel confident in your worth, beauty and self-esteem. You want to meet a man that wants to do the relationship work with you. You want to find the man that's aligned, with him the relationship will be fluid. You will feel safe, loved, appreciated  with him. Things won't be a fight. It's the person you will share projects with, perhaps your spouse or even more.

You want to meet your person. You also want them to choose you, over and over, and pursue you (rather than the opposite). 

You want to heal the trusts issues that one in the relationship, could sabotage this connection.


You want to move past these blocks, understand why they are happening. You'd like to understand your attachment style, heal it if necessary.


You want to not miss the red flags anymore & allow in men progressively, one step after the next, only if they feel fully right. You want to be able to release what's not good, aligned or healthy for you. You also want to not repeat the same mistakes again & you are willing to work on yourself through the path of love and relationships. 

What if the romantic zone of your life could become simpler, more flowing, easy and fluid? 

What if you could flow serenely in your next relationship, without having to repress or deny any parts of yourself? 

What if you could identify red flags as soon as possible, before getting too involved or attached?

What if you didn't have to ask yourself all the questions (am I asking for too much? when can talk about commitment? have I scared him away? is he gone because I did something wrong? was it too early or too late to say this or that?). Yes, love can be more flowing and EASIER.

Communication, Attachment styles & Self-confidence + self-trust will be our key areas of work through this mastermind. 


If you are ready for change, for doing the inner work, greatly improving your love life and your relationship with yourself - you are at the right place! If you show up and implement what is said, we will generate real transformation.

We won't only "talk" and connect with potent information and tools - we will practise & you will receive feedback about what's happening for you. You want this to be practical, and directly useful.

We will get into tips, support, examples, do/don't.

What we will do here will with no doubt transform for the long-run your behaviour with men, your "attitude", and shift your "standards with men" for the best. It's through transforming your relationship with your own self-confidence and feminine energy that your relationship with the masculine will shift.

I don't believe your standards are too high... I believe your dream of finding a true match can be a reality.

This will be like boibirthing a new self: she knows the root causes of her own patterns and has released past hurts, she has changed her own inner attractor so she attracts a new form of love, she feels confident and worthy enough to not decrease her standards, she is capable of expressing her needs, her man knows how to love her, and she doesn't feel guilty about what she desires, she knows how to identify quickly the commitment ready men versus the others. 

Yes, all of this is POSSIBLE.

What exactly you will get : 

  • 2 Group Calls / month during 4 months (1H30 each) = interactive group coaching & feedback

  • 1 Private Call with me / month = solo coaching, healing & follow-up

  • Private Facebook community with a group of like-minded women like you and myself 

  • Practical assignments 

  • 3 Teaching modules (video recordings) about 

>> communication for couples

>> self-love work + nurturing your feminine beauty/radiance

>> releasing the past and old wounds. 


At each Group call, we will get into a new Module of work and coaching together. 


Why would we do this together? 

Why chosing me for this work?

In my own love journey, I have been through many layers and types of relationships. From over pleasing my partner to embodying a role that wasn't my true self to be with a man, to accepting breadcrumbs, to thinking nobody would be a true match on all levels, to thinking that deep sexual connection and chemistry can only exist with men of "fire" and not 100% committed to me, to pursuing my Twin Flame for years, to not being able to communicate my own needs and only lashing out after months of "keeping it quiet".... to betrayals... and the list goes on. 


... To eventually understanding what I was doing myself wrong, how I could do the work, how a healthy feminine can find her position in couples between fluidity, kindness, softness and the aspects of self-respect and self-honouring... Until manifesting a right, a healthy partnership within my life. 




Are you ready to join? 


We want this to be a life-changing container. We want you to be committed to your inner work, your transformation, your growth. 


FULL FEE: 722€

PAYMENT PLAN: 188€ in 4 installments (1st when enrolling, the three others each following month). 

Want a discovery call? 

Press here 


For any question, please go the contact page or write me here :


We can do this together <3 


In love


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