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2019-05-22 - DECO - GREGOIRE - Book phot

Your Soul Blueprint: A Cosmic Natal Chart Reading


Why a Natal Chart Reading ?


Understand your soul power

Align with your purpose, unique talents, skills and destiny 

Accelerate the resolution of issues that seem to repeat or linger around your energy

Your natal chart reading is like a book of mysteries. It contains the unique gifts & personality traits that characterise you. By reading it together, we will reveal more of your calling & unlock your highest potential. We will tap into the strengths & inner gems that you may use to follow your own True North.

Evolutionary Astrological Readings underline the hidden forces & unconscious dynamics that drive us therefore opening new and deeper understandings of possible internal conflicts, patterns of behaviour or feelings seemingly overwhelming. They illuminates in-depth perspectives about our psyche & open new pathways for rejuvenating our purpose and life.

The Astrology Readings I offer are deep & complete intuitive studies of your Soul’s unique gifts, traits and original features for this lifetime.

I dive into:

Your Triade Configuration (Sun, Ascendant & Moon) as an initial dive into who you are

Your Main planetary placements - this giving a high significance to the 12 Houses of the chart as messengers specifying the areas of your life where your main natal energies will impact your journey

Your Evolutionary Storyline with the Moon Nodes: showing the key revolutions, transformations & progresses your soul has chosen to master in this lifetime

Your Main Aspects & Chart Map, showing the specificity & uniqueness of your planetary placements: the key to unlock your soul’s blueprint to a deeper degree!

I use Sabian & Chandra Symbols to add more poetic & profound imagery to get to know your soul essence deeper! These will describe the exact degrees 🎆 of your placements (example: we will study Cancer degrees 27 if your Venus is in Cancer 27 degrees!).

Jen, California

"My beloved and I had the most intensely beautiful and accurate Birth Chart reading with Sophie tonight. I was stunned by the accuracy that she understood us and our paths, and this from halfway around the world and having never met her. She was able to see our pasts with amazing clarity, identified poignantly how that is effecting us currently, and then provided a potential trajectory for us that aligned so parallel to our actual visions for our future that I was left speechless. I started following Sophie upon recommendation of a Goddess friend and immediately felt connected to her messaging. My reading with her further deepened my reverence. She simply vibrates higher."

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